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I saw this in Paris on November 16th. The Locke piece was AWFUL: bad choreography, bad music, overly long (this was not the fault of the dancers, who seem to be very talented and technically proficient). The Millepied piece was pretty good to good. The video screen did not really work. The Duato piece was good and at times very good. The principal female dancer for the Duato piece was outstanding.

hi Gary, thanks for your visit here. Duato was my favorite too, although I would not be so severe with the Lock piece, for I saw some of his work at Le Châtelet before and really liked the way he played with codes (having male dancers wear "pointes" for instance, and this velicity in execution that mixes ballet and tango style). But I feel that his work sometimes is too oriented on a technical show and that the heart does not get a chance to be touched. I like it when a piece tells a story, "talks" to the spectator. But then some pieces will tell a story to some of us, and none to others.

By the way, there's going to be Don Quichotte and Balanchine/Brown/Forsythe in February, are you planning to see that ?

I won't be going in February because I don't live in Paris (alas!). I was there on vacation (my first time). Wonderful city. I want to go back.

So I am glad you enjoyed your vacation ! Keep an eye on what is going on at Opera garnier and Bastille when you come back, and also La Cité de la Musique. As you seem to enjoy music and ballet, here is a link that you may like : http://bladsurb.blogspot.com/. This is a blog held by someone who sees lots of things and also has a very rich radioblog (link on the blog).

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